Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Digital entrepreneurship is emerging as a key building block for economies globally. Against a backdrop of challenging financial landscapes, increased adoption of technology is providing opportunities to connect, co-ordinate and innovate. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, web and digital technologies are making it possible for cultures, industries, and people to collaborate and partner in new ways. And entrepreneurship – with its emphasis on innovation and growth – can provide the spark that's needed to ignite new economic and societal vibrancy. 

At the same time, although many organizations have been able to survive even with very limited amounts of innovation in the past today the role of innovation is greater than ever. The focus on providing quality products and simply update them to a level that maintains their competitiveness in the market still applies to some products with long lifecycles and few opportunities for innovation. However, due to factors such as globalization, outsourcing and adoption of technology, organizations require innovative processes and management that can drive down costs, improve productivity and move beyond this competitive advantages and gain customer loyalty. Innovation has been the catalyst to organizational and business ecosystems change. Successful enterprises have managed to improve their competitive positions by offering new value propositions for their customers and disrupt their respective industries. This, in a large scale, has been achieved by utilizing the web that provided them with unparalleled tools and procedures to better understand their customer needs and change the rules of the game.

Brought together, digital entrepreneurship and innovation represent a timely and relevant opportunity area for the global economy. 

ISEB Priorities on digital entrepreneurship 

  • Evaluate emerging business models bridging the online and offline word and creating unique value propositions
  • Identify critical success factors for web entrepreneurship based on both competitive environment, internal resources and capabilities and entrepreneurial stance characteristics 
  • Initiate and Contribute to the development of both offline and online ecosystems and hubs to foster and enhance entrepreneurship and start-ups. 

ISEB Priorities on innovation  

  • Examine the ways innovation is cultivated and deployed  in enterprises, organizations and ecosystems
  • Assess the value of customer driven innovation 
  • Examine the value of web based platforms, tools and techniques to foster innovation development to micro (organizational) and macro (regional and national) level